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Songs Without Words

We still haven't managed to get any of our singing friends over for another concert - but never mind, we'll just pick an appropriate choice of repertory and deal with it ourselves.

Join us for a concert of songs by Robert Schumann, Franz

Schubert, Richard Strauss who are beautiful without their texts,

as well as true songs without words by Mendelssohn, Bruch

or Rachmaninoff.

Sunday, 3rd September 2023,

3 p.m.

St Hilary Church, TR20 9DQ

Tickets via this website or on the door

GBP 10.00 for adults,

Under 20s free

The Lamorniana Proms 2023

There cannot year without them!

Join us for another concert from the by now traditional Duo Lamorniana concert series 

"The Lamorna Proms" - which from this year on will be called "The Lamorniana Proms".

Music by Ludwig van Beethoven, Gustav Mahler, Franz Schubert and others.

Sunday, 26th November 2023

3 p.m.

Townshend Village Hall, 

TR27 6AG

Tickets on the door or via this website

GBP 10.00

Under 20s free


O Röschen rot! O little red rose!

Mahler's famous Urlicht will be just part of a musical journey from the Baroque to the present in this concert, with other timeless works including Franz Schubert's Arpeggione Sonata, Britten’s Lachrymae, works by Bach, Pärt and others with Duo Lamorniana: Ricarda Schmidt, viola, Ute Weickenmeier, piano

Sunday, 10th December 2023, 7 p.m.

Burgh House, New End Square, London NW3 1LT

Tickets GBP 15.00 on

Under 20s free

Duo Lamorniana are searching for concert venues

If you know a room, preferably with a piano and suitable to

accommodate an audience, regardless of whether it is a church,

National Trust property, museum, gallery or anything else -

please let us know.

Please equally let us know if you own such a place

and would like to put concerts on there. We're open 

for all sorts of suggestions.

You can click on the "contact" section of this website and find

our address or sent an email straight via the page.

Your support is much appreciated!

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